Stephanie Scheemaeker



Stephanie Scheemaeker was born in Bruges. In 2015 she obtained her diploma 'Master in Veterinary Medicine, option Small Animals' at Ghent University. During 1 year she gained experience as a veterinarian in a private practice for small animals. From September 2016, Stephanie started the rotating 'internship' for small animals at the Clinic Small Animals in Merelbeke (UGent). After successfully completing the 'internship', she worked part-time as a veterinarian in a private practice and as a scientific assistant at the 'Intensive Care Unit' of the Small Animal Clinic, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (UGent). From 2019, Stephanie worked as a full-time veterinarian at the Small Animals Clinic in the Internal Medicine department and in the Anesthesia department.


During her studies, Stephanie developed a special interest in internal medicine. Her interest in scientific research gradually evolved from her clinical interest. In 2019 Stephanie started a PhD entitled 'Improving the treatment of thyroid cancer in dogs' under supervision of Professor Sylvie Daminet. We wish to provide the most suitable and safest treatment for every dog diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Together they strive to achieve maximum quality of life and longevity in all dogs with thyroid cancer.

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Stephanie divides her free time between her friends, family and her hobbies. She goes frequently for a run and likes to swim. Stephanie completely relaxes when taking a nice walk in nature.